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Welcome to a world of felted dogs .... bespoke portraits for people who love their Dog .... Turn your pet into a Doggy-Bear .

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Needle Felted Fox Terrier

A  Little Foxy Guy

I gave this needle felted pup a Millefiore Collar

A side view of the cute tail

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Needle Felted Chocolate Chihuahua

Close up Standing

Sitting in the Studio - I like this cute posing of the Chi's arms.

In the Tea Cup
This is my first Chocolate Chihuahua , I love making these little guys , they have such a range of expression in their faces. Getting the limbs right is pretty difficult as they are quite small . You have to needle felt around the armature.. This handsome chap now lives in the U.S.A. , he was a custom order from a very nice lady.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Needle Felted Blue Boston Terrier Dog

My First Blue Boston Terrier with PichaChu
Lovely Lola A Blue Boston Terrier

Needle Felted French BullDog

A Black and White French BullDog ...emerged very nicely

The wire armature inside these little guys make them so expressive - one of my favourites!

Monday, 31 October 2011

O.O.A.K. Needle Felted Chihuahua

Here is a little Fawn Chihuahua , fully armatured with craft wire and also a sparkly necklace . This little Chi was an order from a very cool client in the U.S. Happily she loved her.
This is the nicest Chihuahua I have made to date .... very delicate features with nice eye-lids

A Custom Needle Felted English BullTerrier - Ralphy

The Real English Bull Terrier Ralphy
 Here is a custom order I made in September / October.
I have added a picture of the real Ralphy along with the needle felted Ralphy. Ralphy has complicated markings and was a bit more complex , I hand blended a mixture of corriedale and merino wool.
I took ages to get the character just right , I was very happy with the finished Ralph ..... the new owners were very pleased . It is so nerve wracking making a custom , you feel the need to get everything just perfect .

Needle Felted Ralphy in the late summer garden

On the window sill

Ralphy with a funny look on his face.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Needle Felted Pug Dog

Puggi by the garden wall.

Puggi looking at the greenery

Puggi on the run.
Here is a Pug I made during our Indian Summer , came out very cute.
I put him for auction on ebay , he was not so popular as the French Bull Terriers but I still love him. Sometimes an auction can be confusing , you have great highs and lows ...... I take it as it comes and hope for the best.
He was pretty hard to model with all the wrinkles . Hope you like the pictures.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

OOAK Artist Needle Felted French Bull Dog

My dog of the week ..... a fawn Frenchy.
This one came out very soulful , a gentle face with little pinky grey fuzzy face and large amber brown eyes.
This little dog finishes the ebay auction on Sunday....

This softy is made of lambs wool and fawn corriedale , after this ebay auction I am having a breaky-break to save my wrists and concentrate on orders. I will post again to say how the auction goes , at the moment Frenchy is very popular , I will cross my stabbed fingers!
Be Seeing You.....

O.O.A.K. Needle Felted Chihuahua

This Blue Chihuahua
is another commission order .... lovely lilac colour a mixture of several colours of corriedale sliver and merino tops . The eyes are larger than my usual at 12mm . I used them as some Chihuahua's have large eyes.
This made modelling the head a bit more difficult but the final result was so worth it. Lilac Blue Chi now lives in U.S.A.
Visit flickr for more pics

O.O.A.K. Needle Felted English BullDog

This truculant little felty is now winging his way to the USA... Be happy Bully!
A full armature in craft wire and made with lambs wool inner body and a corriedale outer.
My dogs seem to be very popular at the moment and I am now taking commissions ! Big surprise all this , I will have to get organized now.... no floating about from one creation to another. I try to make each one into a real creation , they really are O.O.A.K. a little character shines through each little dog soul.
Please visit my Flickr page for all new work.

Monday, 19 September 2011

O.O.A.K. Needle Felted Chihuahua

This little cutie was made as a custom order for a very cool client , happily she is very happy with her Chihuahua.
This tea cup Chi has a carded lambs wool inner and a fawn corriedale and merino outer coat.
The coat was a painted effect using tiny fluff layers of colour.
This has taken me a while to perfect , I swear if I had not been a painter before I could not do it , the technique is time consuming but well worth it.
Chi has a full armature so is fully poseable.
I am very happy with this one and I am already making a Blue Chihuahua , this time with bigger eyes.
Hope you like Chihuahua - if you would like one please email me at

Needle Felted English Bull Terrier

Here is an English Bullie ...... I made him with a scoured lambs wool inner body . Scoured lambs wool needs to be carded to make it fluffy. This is quite a job .... I wish I had a Picker machine. His outer coat is corriedale and shetland with merino paws and pinky belly.
I made up a wire armature so he can be posed all ways.
I put him up for auction on ebay and he was super popular.
I had several people asking for custom creations from the people who did not win the auction. I have been very wary of making to order but decided to take the plunge. I now have orders to keep me busy until late November.
It is a very personal thing , you get loads of pictures of someones beloved pet and off you go.
This English Bullie now lives in the U.S.A , I am sure he will be very happy with his new Mistress.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The First Needle Felted Devon Rex Cat ( with pet Mouse )

Here is a surprise , I know it is just supposed to be dogs on this here blog , but I could not resist posting this cat. This Rexi Cat is fully armatured with wire , Rexi can pose and hold onto the little Mouse. I painted the eyes myself - I use enamel and fine glitter and Mica. This brings the syes to life.
Rexi was pretty popular on ebay and sold for £60 approx on 30 August.
The dogs seem to be more popular and generally I will stick to these in the future.
Rexi is very soft in lambs wool with a corriedale skimming over the top. I had to look at so many pictures on Flickr to get the head shape right . Hope you like Rexi.

See Rexi and lots more at my Flickr page

Black Puggi Wug Dog

My latest little chap is winging his way to his new home.
I found him a little difficult because I only had merino black fibre .... Merino is very difficult to needle felt in a sculptural way. Despite this he turned out quite nicely , a cute little guy.

See Puggi and lots more on my Flickr page

Monday, 1 August 2011

Dachshund Needle Felted

Dachshund  Needle Felted by Megarryspikey
Dachshund Needle Felted, a photo by Megarryspikey on Flickr.
This little guy sold on ebay yesterday ..... he is going to live in Australia , hope he enjoys it!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

My New French Bulldog on Ebay

Here is my latest lttle guy , I try not to name these pups but it is difficult to resist.
This lovely soft Bulldog has the bat ears of a frenchie - so distinctive. I have given him/her sapphire blue german glass eyes. I will post all new doggy creations as they appear ,
please visit my ebay home page... there is a link to the auction on the left hand side - plus all my feedback from nice people who have bid on my creations.

Short update .... Frenchie sold for £200 - I was surprised and thrilled people liked him so much!
I am just starting to get orders for special dogs .... so happy this is going so well.