Nicola and her Needle Felted Dogs

Welcome to a world of felted dogs .... bespoke portraits for people who love their Dog .... Turn your pet into a Doggy-Bear .

Doggy Archive

I made this chap in July 20011 ...a cute French Bull  Dog,
I really liked the markings. Made of lambs wool hand carded and brown corriedale.
Sold on ebay ..... Happy Life Frenchie!
Looking at the stars!

Looking at you this face ....Miss him

Black Puggi 2011 .....made with merino , so hard to felt.

Has a cte dog tag. Sold on ebay , lives in the U.K.

 What is a cat doing here??!!
I made this Devon Rex sort of cat last year 2011,
has a little pet mousie.

Having a picnic in my garden.

I set the eyes with antique hand made german glass eyes.

Side view ...I like the mousie tail , In all the lovely Nastershums

Dear Old Mousie ....
Sold as a pair on ebay2011

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