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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Charles , a Needle Felted French Bull Dog

Here is a felt made for a lovely lady in the U.S.A  .... This little guy was great to make because the markings made him so distinctive . The face came through with real soul. 
Hello Charles

Soulful Charles

In the crochet garden

My bone is bent ! It is all your fault 

I am going for a hike
Bon Voyage Charles
The lovely real Charles

Napoleon in Needle Felt ..... the French BullDogThe Real One

The Real One 

I have been Naughty .... guess what I have done 

With Friends

Don't trip over the bone Napoleon



Little Legs

I love my Bone

Bonnie becomes a Needle Felted Black French Bull Dog

 Here is Bonnie , made for a lovely family in Germany . I was having a battle with my old camera when I took these pics. It is so difficult to photograph black , so many apologies for the pictures. Bonnie is still beautiful though.
Having a quiet moment with my bone

Look into my eyes

Going shopping ..... need a bone basket

The real Bonnie

Look over there ..... I want that thing !

ByeBye Bonnie !! 

Hamlet the Needle Felted French Bull Dog

Here are some new pictures , this is a needle felted dog made as a custom order . Hamlet was quite complicated because of the Brindle coat . The owner wanted a stand and a frog to complete the look.Stands are woodland needle felted mounds .... they are called Tuffets. Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet !
The Real Hamlet
Here is  a Doggi-Bear called Hamlet
He is standing on his Tuffet

He has a Froggi friend

Hello Everyone ! Do you like me?

I can see an Angel .... look Froggi ! An Angel fly by !!

In the garden

Bon Voyage Felty Boy