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Monday, 23 April 2012

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Frenchie portrait . Heaven-wardFooFoo Frenchy on a toadstool .Frenchy thinks of lemon bonbonsFrenchy takes a alk with woollie bunnieGive me that bonbon !Lovely Needle felted French BullDog
P3100016Needle Felted 0.0.a.k. dachshundBoston Terrier and DachshundBoston Terrier Blue LolaBOXER DOG NEEDLEFELTEDBOXER DOG NEEDLEFELTED1
BOXER DOG NEEDLEFELTED2dalmation-needlefelt12dalmation-needlefelt7dalmation needlefelt8needle felted chihuahua dog anime style 01needle felted chihuahua dog anime style 4
needle felted chihuahua dog anime style 3needle felted chihuahua dog anime style 2Needle Felted Fox Terrier called BuntyNeedle Felted Fox Terrier WavingNeedle Felted Fox Terrier Dancingpugg needlefelted

Pop over to my Flickr page ..... lots of inspiration.

 This is a blue Boston Terrier made in March .... then I had a break to do lots of  things with wool and silk.
This Boston was inspired by one called Lola I found on google .... they both look moody to me. I loved this lilac grey colour . The eyes are acrylic eyes usually used for dolls. . Grumpy Lola bombed out a bit on ebay but I was assured it was people had blown all luxury cash over Christmas. I think it as just that Lola has a grumpy sort of face . Moody Lola !
A needle felted Boston Terrier ....... in the spring garden
Don't walk away while I am
photographing you!

Miles Away..... or bored !

A nice Dachshund friend ..... Happy days.

Black and White French Bull Dog

I made this little one a month or so ago , it was nice to make an older style of Frenchy .....more like a bear than a dog, However , I was struggling to get the right sort of eyes . These are amber safety eyes and they glow in the camera flash making poor Frenchie look a bit evil ! Poor little thing . I used plain glass teddy eyes after this experience
Looking at the seagulls

In the Lemon Balm patch

Watch it Frenchie !! It is a long way down.

Be seeing you !

Pax the Custom Boxer Dog Needle Felt

I have been very bad at blogging  .... now I am on catch up.
Ebay sales went through a horrible stage so I have made a few changes , you will see 
a newly developed needle felt in the near future . I have just started using special eyes.
Here is a custom dog called Pax still in the older style.
My customer loved the finished pup.
Say hello to PAX the felted Boxer

Wandering - see the long tail!

with a Frenchie Friend

The Real PAX