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Welcome to a world of felted dogs .... bespoke portraits for people who love their Dog .... Turn your pet into a Doggy-Bear .

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Needle Felted Boxer called PAX ... Made 2011

The Real PAX

Felted PAz

On the garden wall

Tripping over a Succulant
With a Frenchie Friend

Tail End
Good tongue out view .... customer choice !
Some size reality

Sunday, 10 June 2012

BillyBoy the French Bulldog and his Bunny

Here is my latest Needle Felt . A cute Fawn Masked Frenchie .He is up for auction on ebay until Sunday 17th .

He is not really sad .... BillyBoy tries it on to get the snacks . He has a lilac Bunny , don't try to get the bunny , Billy is the jealous type . I hope the ebay people like him . Good luck Billy Boy !!

He is not really sad ....putting it on for a snack perhaps

No  ! Do not wash my Bunny !


Whats up Bunny ?

Gimme !!
Sweet Dreams Billy !

Friday, 1 June 2012

Tomato the Custom French Bulldog

The Living and Breathing Tomato 

Here is Tomato my latest creation , I had fun making her for her lovely owner . Tomato lives in the Far East . She has sweet facial markings and I think she came out very nicely. I hand mixed all the fibre colours with a mixture of pure soft sheep wools . Her white fur comes from sheep in Finland.
I am very happy with the new eyes I now use , they are special hand made dolls eyes and are very realistic. Tomato took almost three weeks to make , I really pay special attention to detail for the custom work ... I aim for a pleasing portrait of each pet . Bon Voyage Tomato !
Close-up of Tomato's pretty face

Sitting and Waiting 

On her needle felted woodland stand

She has seen us !

Goodbye Tomato !