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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Megarryspikey's photostream

Tomato , French Bulldog wavTomato , French Bulldog uplookTomato , French Bulldog sittingTomato , French Bulldog SideveiwTomato , French Bulldog 8 (2)Tomato , French Bulldog 5
Tomato , French Bulldog 2image (4)Needle-felted PugNeedle-felted Pug walkiesNeedle-felted Pug dogNeedle-felted Pug 6
LeLu Side Look  Hazel EyesFront look Purple eyed LeLuLeLuGold EyesLeLu my first custom doll .LeLu Custom Blythe Clone.
Lelu customised DollLeLu Blythe Clone CustomFrenchie portrait . Heaven-wardFooFoo Frenchy on a toadstool .Frenchy thinks of lemon bonbonsFrenchy takes a alk with woollie bunnie

All the dogs !

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