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Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Catch-Up Picture Post from the Doggy-Bear Website

Here is a selection of pics from the new website Blog is my secret corner for all the lovely people who have followed me from the beginning.
The web site is the home of the Doggy-Bears , it is a fantasy land called ''Easter Bunny Island''.
It is full of stories on each Doggy-Bear and other creatures. You will find the Doggy-Bears going on adventures all over the world...
There is a shop full of all sorts of goodies ..... Thank you if you are still following my posts.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Charles , a Needle Felted French Bull Dog

Here is a felt made for a lovely lady in the U.S.A  .... This little guy was great to make because the markings made him so distinctive . The face came through with real soul. 
Hello Charles

Soulful Charles

In the crochet garden

My bone is bent ! It is all your fault 

I am going for a hike
Bon Voyage Charles
The lovely real Charles

Napoleon in Needle Felt ..... the French BullDogThe Real One

The Real One 

I have been Naughty .... guess what I have done 

With Friends

Don't trip over the bone Napoleon



Little Legs

I love my Bone

Bonnie becomes a Needle Felted Black French Bull Dog

 Here is Bonnie , made for a lovely family in Germany . I was having a battle with my old camera when I took these pics. It is so difficult to photograph black , so many apologies for the pictures. Bonnie is still beautiful though.
Having a quiet moment with my bone

Look into my eyes

Going shopping ..... need a bone basket

The real Bonnie

Look over there ..... I want that thing !

ByeBye Bonnie !! 

Hamlet the Needle Felted French Bull Dog

Here are some new pictures , this is a needle felted dog made as a custom order . Hamlet was quite complicated because of the Brindle coat . The owner wanted a stand and a frog to complete the look.Stands are woodland needle felted mounds .... they are called Tuffets. Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet !
The Real Hamlet
Here is  a Doggi-Bear called Hamlet
He is standing on his Tuffet

He has a Froggi friend

Hello Everyone ! Do you like me?

I can see an Angel .... look Froggi ! An Angel fly by !!

In the garden

Bon Voyage Felty Boy

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Louis the Needle Felted Frenchie BullDog

My latest creation ..... I am posting very late because I have been so very busy ! Louis is a custom make .... had a very cute face . He is now happy in a country far,far away . Miss you louis !
Take a seat Louis ...Park your Bone , it looks heavy 

Would you like a cup of tea ..... perhaps a Passtis in a nice green glass ?

A close-up of little Louis

Dropped the Bone 

GO tO wORK ON  a Bone

The real Louis ...... sadly missed but is running around happily in the next place.