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Saturday, 3 September 2011

The First Needle Felted Devon Rex Cat ( with pet Mouse )

Here is a surprise , I know it is just supposed to be dogs on this here blog , but I could not resist posting this cat. This Rexi Cat is fully armatured with wire , Rexi can pose and hold onto the little Mouse. I painted the eyes myself - I use enamel and fine glitter and Mica. This brings the syes to life.
Rexi was pretty popular on ebay and sold for £60 approx on 30 August.
The dogs seem to be more popular and generally I will stick to these in the future.
Rexi is very soft in lambs wool with a corriedale skimming over the top. I had to look at so many pictures on Flickr to get the head shape right . Hope you like Rexi.

See Rexi and lots more at my Flickr page

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