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Saturday, 5 May 2012

FooFoo Frenchie . A Needle Felted French Bulldog.

Here is my latest needle felt . I am not sure what to call these creations , Bears . Dolls , Sculptures ??
I seem to have an affinity with French Bulldogs , I named this one FooFoo . Such a little character.
I am using new and special eyes now ... a great improvement on the teddy bear glass eyes.
FooFoo is made with blonde Corriedale wool with Merino tints . All shading is made with wool , no paint ever touches the wool. .
A new touch is the stand made from a coaster and piled high with grassy wool and toadstools so FooFoo can stand on the shelf .
Hope you love her , I miss her as she sold to a lovely new owner. Have a happy life FooFoo !
Give me that Biscuit !

On the Toadstool Mound with Bunney

Looking Grumpy !

Portrait of FooFoo

On the way to the Kitchen

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  1. Adorable! Hope she will come to my kitchen. I ♥Frenchie.