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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Custom Order of Bunty the Fox Terrier

Here is a couple of photographs of one of my recent custom orders for a lovely Fox Terrier called Bunty who lives with doting owner here in the U.K. 
The Real Bunty on the doormat.
 She looks a real character and she was fun to do .... I used scoured lambs wool to make a specially fluffy coat for Bunty along with some finnish natural colours.
Real Bunty enjoying the air.
 I had quite a few photographs to work with and I think I managed all the markings o.k.
Needle Felted Bunty in my garden
 Bunty can pose very well with her full armature .
Side view of Bunty girl
Just love that little tail! She is now en route to her owners ...hope the real Bunty does not scrag her with jealousy!